The team

SONALI CHOTAI – Founder & Managing Director

Sonali graduated with a First Class Honours in Economics and Business from University College London and is a former Analyst at JP Morgan Chase. Sonali left her job because she was so frustrated at the danger women were facing when travelling and wanted to help change this. Sonali has previously been involved in setting up her own start-up property portal and brings some amazing energy, dynamism and creativity to the team. Her interests include reading, travelling and playing tennis. ​


Mark has founded from scratch, built and sold a number of leading online, branded businesses. Companies have been built to £10m+ revenues and 120+ personnel within 3 years. Exits to Argos plc, BT and Nasdaq listed groups. He brings over 25 years of property investment and tech start-up experience. ​Mark graduated from Balliol College, Oxford University and was previously a journalist on national broadsheet newspapers. His interests include football, tennis and politics.