Trip Issues and Refunds:

I was involved in an accident

Our top priority is the safety of our customers. If you have been involved in an accident, please ensure that you and all parties involved inform the police and paramedics immediately, where necessary.

If you are hoping to report any form of criminal activity or a serious incident from the use of our app, we may pass these directly on to the police. If you wish for this report to be anonymous, please inform us of this. However, please note that the police can legally request Driveher to provide your contact details where required.

Please inform us of the details of what happened by submitting the form below and including the following information in the form Description:

  • Date, time and location of accident
  • Whether you were in the vehicle
  • Whether you were injured
  • How the accident occurred

Review my fare or fees

1. My driver made an unrequested stop

If your driver made a stop during this trip that affected your overall journey time or fare, we will review the details you provide and be in touch. In order to ensure that complaints can be handled in a timely manner, please provide details including location of stop, time waited at stop and details of the stop in the form Description below within 14 days of your trip. We will be in touch.

2. My driver took a poor route

If you feel that your driver took a route that led to an increase in your trip fare, please outline one of the below descriptions in the form Description and submit within 14 days of your trip. Please note that only routes that were substantially longer than the recommended route will be considered for any form of adjustment.

  • My driver did not follow my directions
  • My driver got lost
  • The route was longer than necessary
  • There was lots of traffic during our route
3. The route had road construction or heavy traffic

Unfortunately, due to events beyond your driver’s control, such as road construction work, heavy traffic, or other external factors, your fare could be higher than the estimate or a previous fare you have taken with a similar route.

Fares are composed of a base fare along with the time and distance rates. We attempt to ensure that our drivers can get to where they’re going as quickly and safely as possible and appreciate that fares may vary due to factors out of our control. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

4. I paid a parking/toll fee for my driver

When your route involves passing through a toll area or an area with parking charges, this fee will be added to your fare. However, if you paid his fee to your driver in cash and you were also charged on your receipt, please provide us with the toll/parking fee location and amount you paid your driver for this fee, along with any additional details in the form Description below and we will be in touch.

5. My promo code didn’t work

For a promo code to apply, it needs to be entered as a voucher/code before you request your trip. The value of any promo code can only be applied to one trip and any remaining value will not carry forward to your next trip.

Please ensure that you check the expiration date on your promo code before attempting to apply it. If your promo code still doesn’t apply to this trip, please fill in the form below and include the promo code and value in the Description within 14 days of your trip and we will be in touch/make adjustments where necessary.

6. Can I edit my tip?

You can visit your Trip History and edit your tip to your driver at your own accord. We are unable to refund any tips as they will instantly be available to your driver.

7. Other issues with my fare or fees

If you faced any other issues with your fare or fees, please provide us with details of the issue in the form Description below within 14 days of your trip ending and we will do all we can to help.

I had a safety issue

Our top priority is the safety of our riders and drivers. If you would like to report an issue that put your safety at threat, please provide details in the form Description below. We will review the details and be in touch.

I lost an item

If you feel you have left an item in your driver’s vehicle, please provide us with the following details in the form Description. We will attempt to contact your driver regarding the item/s and put you in touch with the driver to coordinate a place and time to meet, if the item is found.

  • Item description and additional details
  • Your phone number and whether you give Driveher permission to share your phone number with your driver

Please note that we are happy to help but cannot guarantee that your item/s will be found or that your driver will deliver it to you.

Accessibility at Driveher

Discrimination is prohibited against individuals with disabilities, and individuals accompanied by service animals. All of our partners agree to follow or policies and applicable laws, in which we do not discriminate or deny services to riders with disabilities. Our drivers are expected to assist riders using any assistive devices such as walking sticks and folding wheelchairs.

If you would like to report any discriminatory or unlawful action, we take these matters very seriously and will do all that we can to help. Please fill in the form below providing as much detail as possible in the form Description regarding the issue.

I had a different issue

If your issue has not been covered and you wish to get in touch with us, please provide us with as much detail as you can for us to help you regarding your issue. In order to ensure we provide you with the most specialised support, please attempt to outline the topic that best describes or is most closely related to your query (e.g. General question, My account, Payments, My Trips, Other). We will review your issue at our earliest convenience and be in touch.

Please fill in the form below, specifying what issue you are inquiring about.
Someone from our support team will aim to be in touch within 10 business days.


Issue Summary:

Date of incident (where applicable):